5 Sad Love Quotes to Amuse and Awake That It Must Not Break

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Sometimes, love makes you sad and crying. You fight almost every day so that makes you uncomfortable. Be careful because that does not mean that your relationship must end.

Sometimes you and your partner are just experiencing an emotion for a moment because they are fighting for their own egos.  Love is not something that only makes you happy but there is also a dark side that you will definitely experience.

The love quotes below can add to your insight into love. So, you will not easily make a decision. Moreover, the decision when you are in an emotional state will only cause regret.

Love Quotes for You Who Are In High Emotion and Sad

Remember that emotion can bring you to the damage. Save your love and heart with the quotes below:

Dark Side of a Relationship

“The most painful thing is losing your identity when you love someone too much. And forget that you are actually special too.” – Ernest Hemingway

When someone is in love, then he will be ready to give everything to the person he loves. Including changing himself as what his partner expected. Even though, it must be someone else. This is the dark side of love. A process is thought well but quietly kills from within. True love should be what brings good to both, right? Hopefully, these true love pearls of wisdom can make everyone aware not to forget the meaning of them.

Fear of facing reality

“Your worst battle is to choose between what you know and what you feel.” – Alex Haditaghi

The reason why a relationship can be so excruciating is that you reject reality. You know that your partner doesn’t love anymore, but you do not want to let him go because you still love. There is nothing wrong with wanting to maintain love. Hence certainly, it will be a “battle” that is very tiring at any time. Until finally the choices we have only stop fighting.


“Love happens so short, but forgetting takes so long.” – Pablo Neruda

This is the sad side of romance. It does not take long to be attracted to someone but it takes years to forget that feeling. But that does not guarantee that feelings will not emerge later. These true love pearls of wisdom are here to set your heart in love. So that you don’t love your partner too much before there is a clear bond, namely marriage.

Reality of Love

“Be careful of love. This will rotate the turning off your brain and make you think the top is down and the truth is wrong.” – Rick Riordan

Ever heard that love is crazy? Maybe the true love pearls above are suitable to describe the saying. This is a unique side of the romance that is also the dark side. In order not to be trapped by a live trap, you can send these true love quotes to your friends. Who knows, with this, he could become awake and not adventurous anymore because of romance.

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Farewell Meaning

“Someone will never know how deep the levels of love are until a breakup occurs.” – Kahlil Gibran

Love cannot be seen. Therefore you will not know what level you have for those you care about. However, when separation occurs, you can measure the depth of your love from how much you feel a loss. Appreciate those you care about while there is still a chance.

Hopefully, the love quotes above give you enlightenment. At least, it can represent unspoken feelings. Hopefully, you can get the love story you want.

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