Best Life Quotes for Your Daily Motivation and Inspiration

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Here are the collection of quotes about life that can be used as daily motivation and encouragement. Forget the sadness and disappointment that exist, achieve happiness for a bright future.


Best Life Quotes for Your Daily Motivation


Do Small things with great Love

“In this life we cannot always do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” – M Teresa

Many people think that if we want to be successful in life we must be brave in doing great things.

For example, if we want to become a businessman with billions of profits per month, we must dare to take risks by taking a loan that is large enough in the bank. This loan will be our main capital in doing business.

But how is it the possible for someone to achieve succeed in running this business (with this big step) ?

Like what successful business people say that more failure than success is experienced by someone before he reaches a stable state in his business.

Only people who are truly tenacious and tough can survive to be able to do big things including success in their business.

But according to wise words above, life is not always an action doing big things. Many small things can be done that can give happiness and benefits to others.

Do a lot of useful little things with great love, this is one of our ways to still be able to give a great meaning to this life.

Success Not a Destination

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“Success is a journey, not a destination.” – Ben Sweetland

Success in life is part of our journey through this life. Many people think that if someone is already successful in wealth (material), this means that the person has achieved his life goals so there is no need to look for other successes.

Of course this is a big mistake.

Humans are beings who are given commons sense that basically always want to be better than the previous condition or current condition.

Of course as long as a humans is still alive, he will never be satisfied with what he has achieved. After he success in wealth (materially successful), surely someone will look for other successes. It can be in the social field in terms of advancing other people or in increasing worship to God.

So, do not make one success as your final journey in this life, but make it your jump to achieve other successes. The most important thing is to stay grateful and to keep on praying to God.

Don’t Forget God

“God often visits us, but most of us are not at home.” – Joseph Roux

The wise words above reveal that busy life in the world often makes people forget about God.

There are many things make people forget. For example office work that takes up a lot of time or busy business activities. It can also be a variety of joys given that can make someone forget God.

Often humans feel that they are the most capable so they forget to ask God for help and forget that all the things that is owned is God’s gift.

Don’t let this happen to us, because what we have will return to God. It is important that we always remember the greatness of God under any condition.

Live Humbly

“The real happiness of life is to live humbly.” – W.M.Thancheray

Being humble means not being arrogant and being simple, although having more abilities. Humility will not easy to be tempted to follow a luxurious or excessive lifestyle.

This attitude makes a person always aware of his nature as a human being and makes a person always introspective and grateful for God’s gift.

Humble people usually have a high social sense and have many friends. Humility also makes a person feel affection for others. This is why humble people easily feel happiness in their lives.

Better to Fight than Never

“It’s better to fight and lose than never fight at all.” – Arthur Hugh Clough

If you want to be successful in this life, you need to try hard. You will encounter many obstacles and trials in your life. The higher the level of your success to achieve, the more difficult the trial will be.

You must keep trying and praying. Let God determine the outcome. You better fail and keep trying than you never try to achieve success.

Life is a Joke

“Life is a joke that just started.” – W. Gilbert

Sometimes life is full of mysteries.

Sometimes we are in high position (in happiness or good wealth) or sometimes we are in low position (in sadness state or having not enough wealth).

Don’t make life in the world your final goal. There is still life other than in the world, namely life in the hereafter.

This is an eternal life later. Make the words of God (example in Alqur’an for Moeslim) as a guide to get a happy life in the world and in the hereafter.

Prepare for Tomorrow

“Prepare today for tomorrow’s wishes.” – Aesop

You need to prepare well when you want to achieve something. For example, if you want to be rich, you have to work hard and smart. Never delay anything.

Prepare right now so that what you want will be realized soon.

If you want to achieve happiness you need to keep your positive thoughts. Fight and throw away all negative thoughts that will disturb you.

Wise words about life above, can be your best friend to continue to keep spirit in achieving your success.

Help Your Self Before Others

“Before helping others, I must be able to help myself. Before strengthening others, I must be able to strengthen myself first.” – Petrus Claver

Someone who is strong is not someone who has a lot of wealth. But strong people are people who can fulfill their own needs and share their strengths with others.

Words of wisdom above give advice, that before we help others we need to help our self. This is not only related to wealth, but also includes spiritual, mental, health and self-pleasure.

Start with Uncertainty

“When people start with certainty, he will end in uncertainty. If people start with uncertainty, he will end with certainty.” – Francis Bacon

Certainty is only possessed by people who are difficult or lazy to change.

Usually people who are lazy to change (move on) will feel comfortable with the current condition.  He will try to maintain what has been obtained but does not dare to step forward or step in another direction because it will provide uncertainty in his life.

Conversely the resilient person wants to always change for the better. He will continue to try to find alternative ways to get new opportunities to be more advanced.

This certainly needs to be done with careful planning in order to prevent failure and provide benefits in the future.

Finding opportunities will make a person in uncertainty, such as doing business. Business needs to be done with hard work before we get the desired results.

The results of our hard work will make us more advanced than before and increase our confidence in ourselves. Conversely for those who are afraid to change, then changing will make someone left behind from others.

This will add to the uncertainty and fears of someone due to their unwillingness to change.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney

Many of us find it is difficult to start an activity (work). Especially if it is a new activity. There are several things that are the reason why it is difficult to get started. Whether it is because of there is other activity that is more urgent, unfamiliar with the new activity, or we are lazy to start a new thing.

But do you know that if there is no more urgent activity, there is no main reason other than that we are not used to do it and lazy to change the habits.

According to the wise words above, the best way to start a new activity (work) is just do it right away and no need to think a lot and talk about the work you are going to do.

Hopefully the pearl words above can be your motivation and inspiration in living this life. Keep your spirit and never give up in achieving your goals.

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